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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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wharf car burglary last month. >> be careful what yao leave in plain view in your vehicles and obviously there is a secondary market for electronic devices or they wouldn't be taken in the numbers that they have been. >> investigators have arrested two 24-year-old brothers, victor and henry and 23-year-old an na. they're facing charges of receiving stolen property along with some drug and weapons charges. police worked through the night to individually tag and photograph the stolen goosd and now they want victims to go online to take a close look at those items to check to see if your property is part of the cash, go online to and you'll find a link to the police department's special web site where you can check out those stolen goods and fill out a claim form. reporting live in san francisco, david stephenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we have learned that the state is investigating the oakland group home that an autistic girl walked away from last week before she was kidnap and had sexually assaulted.
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this as the suspect 36-year-old gary atkinson was scheduled to make a plea today on kidnapping, rape, and other charges but instead his hearing was pushed back to the 17th. police say atkinson abduct it had teenager from the fright vail bart station. the center has denied our repeated requests for an interview. police in palo alto are warning people to be on guard after two women were attacked on downtown streets. >> almost got sick to my stomach when i first saw it. it was horrible. >> an elderly homeless woman named bunny became the latest victim early sunday morning. police say a man repeatedly punched her in the head and rifled through her pockets for cash. that same morning another woman was pushed to the ground and also punched in her face. the suspect tried to grab her purse but ran off empty handed. >> it was a downright street crime beating somebody in the face is just heinous. >> witnesses could only de
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scribe the attacker as a man in his twenties wearing dark clotheing and they think he may be responsible for both of those attacks. police are stepping up patrols in downtown palo alto and a local church is keepg watch on the homeless women who were atakd. questions were swirling over how california lawmakers spent taxpayer's money. live in oakland with a controversy that centers on car repairs and some curious timing. >> well, when the state of california took away lawmakers' cars, those cars were sold at auction to a handful of dealers and in some case those dealers turned around and sold those same cars back to the legislators who owned them previously. lawmakers were given a deadline of december of last year to turn in their state-owned vehicles but according to the associated press some lawmakers made thousands of dollars in repairs to cars they would soon own again. the ap says former republican
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senate leader spent almost 6 thousand taxpayer dollars to repair his 2005 chevy tahoe including repairing a dent in the bumper fixing the power sdpeerg brakes and de tailing the car all in the months before the state sold his suv which dutton bought back. attempts to reach former senator dutton failed but he's quoted as saying the car needed work as it approached 100 thousand miles. assemblyman tony had repair $100,000 miles. assemblyman tony had repair bill of nearly $23 hun for new tires and oil change and a multipoint inspection in the weeks before he bought it. racked up more than $24 hun for tires in a cooling system flush before the state sold his car and then he bought it back. the report named just one bay area lawmaker. the ap says senator ellen spent $827 on repairs that included a new water pump, drive belt, gps system update all of this days before she gave up the car she
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later purchased. the office says the senator would not be make ago comment about this story. >> it is impossible to know if any particular lawmaker benefited from last-minute repairs because those repairs could have driven up the price of the car at auction. it's important to note this program the cars for lawmakers is dead. they're now paid per mile and it's an open question whether that program is actually saving taxpayers' money. in oakland, ken, ktvu channel 2 news. the rain is tapering off tonight but earlier today the weather sure caused a lot of problems and one of the worst wounz the golden gate bridge. ktvu's mike is here now with the after math of this latest storm. mike. >> well, the fog is in. the rain, though, yes, frank, it is starting to taper off, not really a powerful storm today but still wet enough to bring down some trees and cause some roadway flooding out there as well as shake up the commute for thousands of people trying to cross the golden gate bridge. >> i'm, like, 30, 40 minutes late already. >> and he wasn't alone.
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southbound waldo grade bumper to bumper from mill valley to san francisco after a car veerd into northbound traffic shutting down all lanes on the golden gate bridge. one person was injure sfld not much we can do. a lot of us in the same situation. >> the rains swept back right into the area from the south bay to the east bay to the north bay. it was wet and trees were down. santa maria two cars buried under a massive pine. highway 13 oakland a fallen tree blocks one lane as caltran crews chop it up and sweep it away. >> no houses in danger. >> 50-foot deep sink hole on mountain view drive in lafayette crews built a channel overnight to allow storm water to properly flow. the city council also adopted an emergency declaration establishing a million-dollar budget to fix the drainage problem. >> by the council's action yesterday we're trying to get this fixed as soon as we can in hopefully a matter of weeks as
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oppose today a matter of month. >> tonight's commute a lot smoother than this morning's. this recent storm almost nearly crush add san francisco story. we're going to have their story coming up. live here at the golden gate. body was found in a rural road in fairfield this morning. officer got a call at about 8:45. they found moses lying on pea body road. he apparently had been hit bay chevy pickup truck. the debris there at the scene led them to a home in vacaville where they found a truck that matched the evidence. they arrest it had man they mrooef was the driver, 23-year-old alex perez, jr., on felony hit and run charges. a driver is being treated for minor injuries after a dramatic roll overaccident. pickup truck crashed while traveling westbound on i mf-80 in livermore afternoon. the truck hit a puddle of water and she lost control. the vehicle flipped several times and over the median
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barrier before landing in an eastbound lane. chp officer says the driver was probably going too fast for the rainy conditions. we have more weather coverage for yao ahead in 11 minutes our chief meteorologist bill martin will have the rain totals from all these recent storms. at #:30 we'll head to the mountains where they're patching a washed-out road but there's concern about funding should there be more storm damage. . antivirus some ware owner officially asked for asylum in guatemala. he claimed he's being persecuted by belizeian officials for refusing to donate to local politicians and says he's been unjustly accuse of murdering his neighbor. there is no warrant for his arrest. they say they only want to talk to him about the crime. president obama today made a pitch for his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff which includes raising tax rats on higher-earning americans. >> we're not insisting on raises
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just out of spite or out of any kind of partisan bickering but rather because we -- we need to raise a certain amount of revenue. >> the president met with a group of ceos at the business round table and told them that he is hopeful that a deal can be reached in the following week that would head off the automatic tax hike and spending cuts from taking place in january. he said he has seen movement among republicans and that they might accept the tax hike if it is combined with entitlement reform and spending cuts. te republican house majority leader told business leaders today president obama sms obsessed with raising tax. we feel that's not the right direction to go, but we also feel that in that obsession is what he's about then let's at least do something about the spending problem. >> at the same meeth house speaker john baner said republicans have made a reasonable offer to the president with a balanced plan to raise revenues and cut
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spending. during a fla tla debate on the fiscal cliff today, the house will not adjourn for the holidays until they have reach add deal. on wall street today it was a mixed day on the market. the dow jump td almost 83 points t. nasdaq fell about 23 points and the s & p 500 was up a little more than two points. anger over action by egypt's new president turned into another violent protest today outside the presidential pals a. there are reports some demonstrators broke through barbed wire and hurled chairs and rocks at police and that people in support of the president beat some protesters with clubs. president morsey angered many people with the decree last month that gave him more power. secretary of state hilary clinton said today the unrest shows an urgent need for dialogue on both sides. the u.s. state department confirmed today it is looking into reports that syrian president may be seeking asylum in another country.
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reportedly president is look to latin america for asylum for his family and members of his inner circle. the priority right now is ending the 21-month-long violence in syria but if the aye asylum reports are true it's another sign that regime is crumbling. we are just getting word now that the cal bears football team has a new head coach. according to espn, cal is hierg sunny dikes from louisiana tech. the louisiana tech bulldogs went 9 and 3 this season and led the nation in scoring. dikes is 43 years old and is the son of long-time coach spike dikes. he also worked as an offensive cord nay tore at the university of arizona. dikes replaces jeff ted ford who was let go at the end of the bears dismal season where they only won three games. >> the set up is underway for what's expected to be a packed town hall meeting here in oakland the topic tonight crime and violence. back here in just a few minutes there are still a few sprinkles out there right now.
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i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. . police say keith kelly drove into the easy liquor store on san pablo avenue about 9:30 last night. he hate female customer and tried to run from the scene. the woman was hospitalized with minor injuries. a passenger in the car apierce to have gotten away. it does not appear that drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash. well, just minutes from now oakland residents are going to be meeting with the top of opd as well as the city's mayor but in just the past few minutes we got some late word about the police department's fate. ktvu's john live now in oakland and, john, this centers on the issue of the feds taking over
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opd. >> yes. rieshths gasia. i just talked about two minutes ago to some oakland stoi officials and they confirmed to me the city of oakland has come to an agreement. they have reached an agreement with the plaintiffs in the infather and motherous writers case and that case has been hanging over the city now for almost ten years and had the city with the possibility of being taken over by the feds, the federal receivership of the oakland police department. that agreement now means that as long as the judge signs onto it that receivership idea goes away entirely so it looks like oakland is getting out of the woods at least as far as that is concerned. now, we are at ed na brewer middle school where in just a few minutes, the mayor and the police will be talking with residents, the no. 1 topic is sure to be oakland's spike in crime. this was the latest major line in oakland hitting three of them plus a fourth who is two blocks away and caught on this surveillance tape being shocked. that bullet travel and had hit that person in the hospital, as well so what type of bullets are being shot on our sxheets is
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anybody safe. by shop bob jackson from gospel church is outraged by the surge in violent crime which has the homicide total at 111. i've said and it say it again. it's out of control and we really need help. >> the shooting police say was sparked by some kind of dispute ended with all four people going to the hospital where they're recovering from their injuries. >> we've seen crime and lie lens really escalating. this morning a robbery left one worker injured after being pisal whipped. a nearby resident express it had thoughts of many of her neighbors. >> i think this is a city wide issue and we all need to get really really worried and krndz and angry about it. >> city council member libby says she's planning to bring in more help. >> first to immediately start preparations for a june police academy that will result in 40 new officers on our streets. seshgsd to hire 21 civilians that will assist the officers. >> council member rebecca cap lan adds the city needs more help from the community.
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>> if you've witness add krierjs if you have evidence, please call the police. it's really important that we make sure that we are all sending a message that violent criminal behavior is unacceptable. >> and the mayor and the police chief should be arooifg here in just a few minutes. we should be talking to them about all these topics including the possibility of federal receivership going away for the city of oakland and its police department. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. in berkeley, police are hoping witnesses will step forward in the fatal shooting of a woman riding her bike. the woman was gunned down next to longfellow middle school on sacramento street just after 11:30 last night. investigators don't know if she was targeted or randomly shot. they de scribe her as a woman in her late 40s to early 50s. no word yet on her identity or description of the sheert. this is berkeley's fourth homicide of the year. bart records show the construction crews waged a $5
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million $war against birds during the subway extension project. wildlife protection laws required bart to stop construction on a new line underneath lake liz beth whenever a nesting bird was found so crews installed inflatable dancers like the ones used outside car lots to prevent birds from nesting paying for biologists to monitor the bird battle also contribute today that unexpected cost. several mothers and their families marched onto capitol hill today with a message about the fiscal cliff. members of the group delivered teddy bears to lawmakers saying that, quote, can't bear more than their fair share. they say congress needs to add tresz the so-called fiscal cliff before scheduled tax sxhieks spending cuts go into effect. one berkeley mother was among those in washington. >> like many families, i don't have any other place to cut right now so we're here to stand up and make sure that our voices are heard. >> the group also delivered signed petitions urging congress to end the bush tax cuts for the
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wealthy. representatives from huns of charities have descended on capitol hill in an effort to dlsh there has been talk of capping the deduction but nonprofit leaders say they're afraid if the government limits the deduction people would drastically cut back on their donation. >> that means there will be less opportunity for people to be fed. there will be less nights of care provided for those who are homeless. there will be less service for disaster situations. >> some republican pros pose limiting all itemized tax deductions, but president obama wants to increase tax rates for the wealthiest 2% of americans instead. government regulators are taking action against a baby recliner company. the consumer product safety commission filed a complaint against pennsylvania-based baby matters to stop the sale of the nap nanny. four infant deaths are associated with a rauled version soft that recliner and one death is associateed with the newest version called the chill. the owner of the company posted a message on the web site saying
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no infant has ever been hurt when the nap nanny is use aid cording to instructions. christmas is coming to the state cop toll and it's happening live right now. want to show yao a live picture here from sacramento where governor jerry brown -- actually, that's the mayor, kevin johnson, the major of sacramento talking right now. jerry brown is also there. all of this over the lighting of the capitol christmas tree. the governor is getting some help from 10-year-old christian anderson from southern california. this year's tree is a 50-foot-al white fur from shasta county. it's decorated with ornaments made by children and adults who have developmental disabilities. here in the bay area that rain blew through overnight and through the morning early hours. this is our chief meteorologist bill martin said and, bill, it really wasn't as bad as it was the weekend before. >> not even close but it messed up the morning commute it did
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rain pretty hard in the east bay and parts of the north bay but messes up that morning commute, and it did. the showers are starting to move out towards the south down here. i've had reports up in boulder creek up in the hills of some significant rain fall, moderate rain fall. down in this area i got a few e-mails and facebook responses from some san jose folks and they' seeing light showers down in the santa clara valley. not picking up necessarily on the radar but it's making a little bit of a slow commute in the santa clara valley but things are starting to dry out. now, we've got a ton of rain. i think the most impressive thing, this is since july #1s, we're 183% of rain fall average in santa rosa. that is big. in san jose, 138% of average so it's good. san jose, you know, if we didn't have this last event, by the way, these would be 40, you know, 76. this -- this really did help out a lot. all the problems we had and all our concerns and the flooding
5:21 pm
always something yao worry about but we need it had rain so it's just this weird double edged sword because we needed it. if we didn't have it the story we'd be doing right now is where's the rain, where's the snow. the snow is in the mountains. little bit cooler and with that cooler air we saw little bit lower snow levels so on the peaks they're picking up a foot, foot and a half of snow up in lake tahoe. the system slides out and we dry out but we mention this in the ts talking about the fog. tomorrow morning valley fog is going to be on your radar for sure. 47 santa rosa, 57 in napa. dew points tonight are going to be in the upper 40s, low 50s so when that dew point temperature is 50 degrees or 48 degrees in vallejo, when vallejo hits 48 degrees, poof, yao get fog. i think dew points are going to be in the 50s because it's so moist. showers remain about 10:00 tonight yao see lightly-scatter shouders, drizzle event and stuff out by the mission peak
5:22 pm
area and up by mount hamilton but that's about it. so when i come back we're going to chase the rain out of here with the rest of this model. running a pinpoint where the fog will be tomorrow morning, how it will impact your xhushths and then run out and look at theay area weekend because it's not that far away. see yao back here. two people including a 15-year-old boy face the judge for the first time in a south bay crime rampage . a beloved musician who popularized one of the most recognized jazz riffs in the world is gone. his bay area roots still ahead
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. in san jose, two peerjs one of whom is only 15, were in court today facing some very serious charges. they're accuse of a crime spree that included the killing of a man who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. ktvu's ann ruben is here now. ann tells us why authorities would like to try these two suspects together. ann. >> well, authorities say it's a question of time and money. they had preferred to call their witnesses only once and though a trial is a long way off, today's first joint court appearance lasted just a matter of minutes. >> for the first time, they appeared in court together. 26-year-old jonathan willbanks and his alleged accomplish 15-year-old mull droe. authorities believe the two were
5:26 pm
responsible for a crime spree november 16th that include several armed robbery, the attempted murder of a police officer and the fatal shooting of a campbell man during a carjacking attempt. de spite his age, mull droe is being tried as an adult though it's only willbanks who can potentially face the death penalty. neither entered a plea today. in the coming weeks as many as 50 cds worth of police reports, recordings and surveillance images will be compiled. authorities say with the case of this magnitude, the wheels of justice turn a little more slowly. >> it's very typical in a case like this where there's a potential life sentence, takes a long time to get all of the necessary materials turned over to the defense to be generated by the police at this point. we don't even have most of what we'll need in order to do that. >> the victim's family and friends were in court but decline today comment. attorneys say this will be a long road ahead, the first of many joint appearances for willbanks and mull droe.
5:27 pm
>> you should expect to see them together until potentially trial. they might be separated at the time of trial if the evidence dictates that. preferably we'd prefer to try them together just from an economical standpoint. >> they say better to seat just one jury and not make the victim's family suffer more than necessary. >> there are sometimes when twoef try defendants separately, but if we can avoid it, we always do. >> the case was continued until january 16th when the men will have another opportunity to enter a plea. live in san jose, ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. the word lunatic is on its way out of federal law. mental health groups lobbied congress to remove that word from u.s. code. they say lunatic is offensive and outdated. now, the house is ready to send a bill that removes the word to the president for his signature. there's also a push to remove the word idiot and the worsd insane person from federal legal code. famed jazz musician and bay area native dave brubeck died
5:28 pm
this morning. he was born in concord, but he died of heart failure this morning while on his way to an appointment with a cardiologist in connecticut. brubeck had the first million-selling jazz album and the first modern jazz musician pictured on the cover of time magazine. that was back in 1954. brubeck would have turned 92 years old tomorrow. the picture that launch add thousand wofrds in the media landed a bay area blogger before a judge today. the new court order that he says will keep him from doing his job. the wash out here on bien hill road in the santa cruz mountains was the biggest but not the only storm damage that need to be repaired. we'll show yao what could and couldn't be done today
5:29 pm
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. complete bay area news
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coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. a simple snapshot raised hack ls at san francisco's city hall and created big legal troubles today for the man who took this picture. the photographer is a high-profile bay area activist. he appeared in court today to face misdemeanor charges. david stephenson reports on the judge's new order and why the defendant claims it tramples on his first amendment rights. he's known as one of san francisco's most outspoken gay rights activists, but blogger michael petrelis had little to say today as he pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. >> the snacks of political res tri bugs. >> petrelis took this photo of supervisor scott weiner inside a city hall bathroom last october and blogged that he try today photograph weern at a urinal. petrelis criticizes weern on issues including the city's new public nudity ban. >> we will be fighting this case and think that de spite the fact
5:32 pm
that the photograph was taken we're talking fundamentally about a photograph of a gentleman at a sink. >> supervisor weiner declined to speak on camera but released his statement toll investigators. immediately after petrelis entered the restroom he exclaimed my name and indicated it would make a good photo to photograph me urinate sgrg it's okay to exercise your first amendment rights. it's okay to protest to this degree. it is not okay to invade people's privacy in a way that occur in this particular case. >> a judge ordered petrelis to stay 150 yards away from the supervisor. >> mr. petrelis is an active blogger and a regular attendee at the board of supervisors. effectively the restraining order makes it very difficult for mr. petrelis to continue on as a journalist. >> petrelis's attorney says the case is now about first amendment rights. the blogger is due back in court on january 7th. in san francisco, david stephenson, ktvu channel 2 news. this santa clara county
5:33 pm
district attorney's office has an officer was justified when he shot and killed a man who was holding a girl at knife point. the san jose police officer shot 42-year-old tree le in the head last january. police say le had kidnapped an 11-year-old girl and used her as a shield in a stand off with officers at a home on pistachio avenue. the girl was unharmed and officer mauricio jimenez receive add medal of honor from the department. cut off their gps tracking devices. last month a ktvu investigative report found that more than 1100 pa row lees statewide have removed the devices. most of them are sex offenders. under the state's prison realignment plan, those who get caught go to county jail. >> now, they've discover that if they cut off their bracelets sometimes there's no consequence because county jails are full. sometimes they go to county jails for just a few days and
5:34 pm
they'll take that risk and cut off their bracelet. >> senator lou is introducing a law that would make it a felony for a pa row lee to remove a gps tracking device and would automatically send them back to state prison. mexican court officials say yahoo has until early january to respond to a $2.8 billion judgment against it. mexican court ruled against yahoo on friday in a case yahoo says involves a company called worldwide directories and yeah ha's mexico division. yahoo says the case is without merit and it will pursue every appeal. at this hour crews are working throughout the south bay and the santa cruz money tans cleaning up storm damage. live at the summit right now where he just left workers making resxars also trying stay ahead of the next storms. robert. >> well, the little bit of rain we're getting right now feels like in a series of blows to south bay and santa cruz mountains have had to take this week and for many people it was
5:35 pm
time to find out if the damage they suffered could be repaired. >> less than two hours ago, these tree cutters began removing huge bay trees from this property near scotts valley where two trees fell on the home this week and more are leaning after the storms. >> did a lot of tree damage like this tree, for instance, it split down the middle and it was hanging over both sides of the house so we had to come out and cut it down. >> a lot of trees like that. >> there's a lot up through the valley, yes. >> it was a successful day of recovery on bien hill road, reopening the washed-out road was a top priority for santa cruz county because it's a vital connection to highway 17 and silicon valley. finally after three days the road was reopened as a one-lane road just before 1:00. blake was the first to cross. >> pretty relieved to see this open. >> yeah. actually saw it was closed around the corner and came around saw it was open so i was really happy. i didn't have to turn around. >> the property owner was
5:36 pm
sxriedz grateful but says now he and other homeowners need to find a way to help county maintenance through its bublg et crisis. >> we're not getting the maintenance that we need to keep the water flowing and keep the roads in a good condition which was resulting in catastrophic, you know, problems like this on the road. >> ships and other property owners we talked to said they plan to discuss possible bond measures and other ways to try to keep their roads in tact. live in the santa cruz mountains, robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. you can get up to the minute weather information by installing the ktvu app on your mobile device or go to our web site and look for the storm watch tab near the top of the page. we also have constant updates on twitter and facebook. roads covered with debris and dound communications are hampering rescue workers in the philippines after typhoon. the typhoon had wind gusts and killed at least 283 people as it
5:37 pm
roared through the southern islands. huns more are still missing. thousands are in shelters right now and authoritys are trying to get food, water and clothing to them. workers are back on the job at shipping ports in los angeles and long beach. talks are moving once again after a tentative agreement last night in a labor dispute that disrupt it had busy container reports for more than a weekment ten terminals have reopened and workers are unloading more than a dozen ships at the docks or anchored nearby. the dispute started when clerical workers walked out. they say shippers were outsourcing jobs. the union dock workers refeuds cross picket license. it's enough to make your skin crawl. bay area woman said bedbugs invaded her hotel room. and apparently there are just not enough star bucks cafes in this world. the coffee lovers will be very happy to learn that is about to change. the expansion plan that's in the works
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
. it may seem like there's a starbucks pretty much on every corner and now there are about to be even more. starbucks says it plans to open up 1500 new cafes in the united states over the next five years and not just here in the united states. worldwide starbucks says it will have more than 20,000 stores by 2014, many of them in china. netflix is calling its new deal to stream disney movies that we told yao about yesterday
5:41 pm
a game changer but says there are no plans for a price increase. the internet movie company announced yesterday it has inc.ed a deal to stream newly-released movies from disney in 2016. the company hasn't divulged the price tag but analysts say it's probably more than $300 million a year but the company says it did not plan to pass that cost onto subscribers who are now paying $8 a month for unlimited online viewing: zynga has signed an agreement thaksd put its online games on your television. under this deal, will allow customers to buy game currency. provides web-based tv stofs 45 cable, satellite and telecom companies. the deal helped zynga get away from its reliance on facebook. protesters were out in front of a san francisco travel lodge today they say is infested with bedbugs. the hoe tole is located on market and have a lens yeah. activists with poor magazine say a 63-year-old woman who lived at
5:42 pm
that hotel for months was charged rent even though she was allegedly told she would be refunded due to her multiple complaints about bedbugs. >> they doebt bite yao in the daytime. they're dormant in the daytime and i found three bedbugs in room 128 under my pillowyou in the daytime. they're dormant in the daytime and i found three bedbugs in room 128 under my pillow. we contacted travel lodge for a comment regarding bedbugs and the refund accusation. so far management has not responded to our requests. this recycling center in san francisco's golden gate park was supposed to be evicted today so why is it still operating. there are showers reported in parts of the bay area right now but they're tapering off. now, we're getting ready for fog for that morning commute. i'll let you know which areas will have the lowest visibility . new at 6:00, a shock fall from grace. >> this is not good-bye. >> family members show their
5:43 pm
support as a former continue cost county narcotics commander pleads guilty to drug and corruption charges. also even though bart is in the black, passengers could soon be seeing red. we reveal when parking fees could increase. and this time of year bay area animal shelter is overwhelmed with dogs. the special offer they're making now they hope you can't refuse. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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reliability and ways to connect. because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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. a san francisco recycling center that was supposed to be evicted to is still going strong. ktvu's rob ross live in the city here with why after 32 years that center is being forced out. rob. >> we're inside the haight ashbury recycling center. it's the oldest recycling center in san francisco. now, the center was supposed to be evicted today, but as you can see, it's still here. >> at the haight ashbury neighborhood council recycling center today, it was business as usual except for one de tail.
5:46 pm
the center next to stadium was supposed to shut down by today after 32 years being evicted. >> we're weight to hear from the sheriff, you know, and when the sheriff comes, we'll, you know, fight back. >> a spokesman for the sheriff's department told us it will evict the center rs just not today and no word on when. the city says the area isn't zoned for a recycling center and it doesn't belong in golden gate park even after more than three decades. >> there's a move from the neighborhood to convert the sight to a community garden which our commission felt was a much more appropriate use for a park site. >> some of the neighborhoods say what's really driving the evictions are complaints that the center attracts homeless people who cash in bottles and cans and linger in the area. >> there were some people who were kind of sleeping in this area because it was a congress regaiting center and stuff where they can, you know, use needles. >> it's convenient for a lot of peerjs and i know it does help people who might be down on their luck and need a couple extra bucks. >> the center says only a small percentage of recyclers are
5:47 pm
living on the street. >> most of the people that use this place live on the west side of san francisco and the single biggest dem graph probably are asian. >> those running the recycling center says when the sheriff comes to evict they will leave peacefully but word is some supporters may not give up so easily. reporting live in san francisco, rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. a new study of a breast cancer drug could change treatment of the disease, especially for younger women. british researchers found that breast cancer patients who stay on the hormone blocking drug tomoxofen for a longer period of time drastically cut their chances of recurrence. women who took the drug for ten years instead of five lowered their risk of recurrence by 25%. . a small study may be welcome news for patients who dread colonoscopies. the study suggests that testing chemicals in your breast may be able to detect colon cancer.
5:48 pm
78 people with and without colon cancer were tested. those with the disease tended to have a distinct pattern of chemicals in their breath. when researchers analyzed the breath samples, they correctly identified colon cancer patients 76% of the time. researchers also warned, though, that the testing is in the very early stages. in the east bay the dublin city council has given final approval to a tough new ordnance regulating tobacco sales. the measure bands new tobacco stores from opening near schools, parks or day care centers. it also establishes a new fee for stores that sell tobacco products. dublin will use the money to pay for de coy operation. this ordnance takes effect next month. today the tunnel turned 75 years old. when it first opened back in 1937 there were two boards connecting oakland. now, 75 years later crews are work on a fourth boar. the cost of the original two
5:49 pm
boars was $4.5 million. it took three years to build. the tunnel by the way was named after thomas. he was the president of the joint highway district 13 which built the first two boars. new york police arrest add 30-year-old homeless man on homicide charges for allegedly pushing another man on to the subway tracks. you can see here police escorting the suspect after his arrest on tuesday. the story gained national attention because pictures of the victim struggling to climb off the tracks moments before he was hit ran on the cover of the new york post. police identified their suspect from surveillance and cell phone video that allegedly shows the women and the suspect arguing. city group says it plans to cut 11,000 jobs worldwide. that's about 4% of city groups current work force. city group says the cuts will save about a billion dollars starting in 2014. this comes on top of nearly 100,000 jobs cut at city group over the past five years. nasa posting some intriguing video of our planet that was
5:50 pm
taken by a satellite at night. this video here shows the earth lit up by city lights in various parts of the globe. it was taken by a new satellite for nasa and the national weather service and was released just this week during a conference in san francisco. scientists say the new day/knightsen sore on the satellite makes it possible to view previously unobserved events on earth such as nighttime cloud formation. we have gotten a lot of rain over the last couple days. are we pretty much done for now. >> we've got a break in the showers. they're very light. might be a few more tonight but it's really winding down so that's the good news. again this was more of a run of the mill storm as compare today those we saw over the weekend or sunday. live storm tracker 2 picks out showers here and i've had reports of modern rain fall up in the hills above san jose hose but, again, most of it is dying down. tonight we're looking for wet ground, cool long nights in valley fog to form so that's
5:51 pm
really the weather story. mostly cloudy with drizzle remaining but when you get up late tonight or early tomorrow morning look for the valley fog and that will be sort of a trend into the bay area weekend because we're going into dry pattern a few days. tomorrow morning wherever it was really weshths the valley, the low-lying areas, fog is going to have no problem forming so tomorrow morning -- even that fog you see over in richmond, even that kind of fog that kind of settles over the bay, not just over the low-lying areas. so high pressure sets up for a few days. that allows the fog to form and pushes rainstorms to the north of us. there might be a little bit of wind this week and gusty winds but for the most part this high pressure stays, keeps us dry and keeps the fog in tact for the morning hours. 11:00 tonight the showers trended off. very little to speak of and then there you go. as you get into tomorrow morning it's clearing out. you see some valley fog out here towards concord and livermore then it burns off and then for the first time in awhile here we got a nice little dry period
5:52 pm
coming up. forecast highs tomorrow, 60 in napa, 58 in fairfield, 50 in san francisco so a break in the storms brings the fog back and any time you see valley fog you know it's a stable pattern. it needs a stable pattern, strong high pressure for it to form and so we're in a pattern right now where some of the long-range models are suggest really no rain or anything significant for five, six, seven, eight days, something like that so we're definitely looking dry but we're doing great. there's your bay area weekend in view. we'll talk about those tonight on the 10:00 broadcast but some of the per sents of average are for this time of year doing really well over 150% in many bay area cities. so drying out, fog back in the forecast, could it be dry for a few days. >> all right. good stuff. thank you, bill. we mention add few days ago that opd and the city are hold ago news conference right now and we'll go to it because mayor is speaking about the fact that opd appears to have escaped going under federal receivership. listening now to mayor jean quan. >> and putting in the compliance
5:53 pm
officer that we think will help move us faster. i really hope to be done with all of the items within the year and those are all that are in -- in -- in -- in the statement that was filed today but we're just grateful. it is not final until the judge rules however. we're optimistic because we've all signed in, we've all agreed and because judge gave us this opportunity to meet directly with the plaintiffs and to work out this teal and it's been really months and months in the making and a lot of hard work by the police department, our city add min strays other negotiations now so they're not here and they're join us a little later for this town hall meeting but thank you very much. i'm going to let the chief say a few word s and thank him for his hard work on this. >> good afternoon. this is a very monoyu mentous moment in our department. of coursely we've been working hard to demonstrate to the courts and to the public that we can police ourselves and that
5:54 pm
this department can practice constitutional policing. i want to thank the judge and all the monitors and all the -- the stake holders that were involved in this collaborative effort to help the department become a 21st century department. this is a team effort. i look forward to working closely with the compliance director on all the other stake holders to make sure that we are in compliance with the orders that the judge issued some ten years ago. thank you. >> okay. so we have about ten minutes before we have to go start this town hall meeting so i'm only going to take a few questions here. >> very much like receivership, though, there will still be a compliance officer that will be above the chief. explain the difference. >> i think as a compliance officer that works with the police, he does, yes, have a right to overrule him to a certain level, but, you know, i want to say this about howard jordan. howard jordan is the chief i picked partly because i knew coming from the inside that he
5:55 pm
could make the changes and -- and i think he's worked really hard. i doubt personally that there are going to be very many times where we disagree. that's the way it's been with the monitor and i don't suspect we're going to have that many disagreements with the compliance officer. this is something we want. oakland has the stake in making sure that the community trusts the police department. we're not going to make a dent in crime in the city until the whole community trusts this police department. i trust this chief to get us the compliance. >> if i could answer your question, too. one of the biggest difference between a receiver model and what we have today is that as you know in the -- in the state case that judge henderson oversaw, the parties did not have an opportunity to negotiate or to develop a plan to help them get into compliance the california prison. here we have an opportunity to develop a plan for success. we have an opportunity to nominate people for that position, and i think the fact that we're working together with
5:56 pm
all o stake holders to make the department better sa lot better than the alternatives, which is no say in the future of the department. like the mayor said, this all goes to our credibility in terms of making the department, you know, trustworthy in the eye of the community and in the eye of the officers. we're a professional organization. that's something we all want. i think everyone that was at that table wants opd to be at the forefront of leading in terms of constitutional policing and building and supporting and maintaining public trusts. >> are you saying this is more of a collaboration with the feds rather than them taking over and telling you what to do. >> absolutely. and -- because we -- one of the frustrations we have in the past is because the monitor model is we get these reports months and months later. now with the agreement of the compliance officer we'll be work pretty much on a day-to-day, week to week level to implement the reforms together. >> what about how many reforms or orders are outstanding and
5:57 pm
you said within the year, by the end of 2013. there are a number of them. they're all actually listed in the order specifically as to what they are. i don't have the exact numbers. obviously we have some very -- some time lines that we have to meet. we have a status conference in june, then in december of 2013, the judge will have another hearing to determine whether we've made progress, but there are some milestones in there, benchmarks that are going to be developed collaboratively with the help of the compliance director, independent monitor, the opoa, the city and all the stake holders that have worked to get us to this position. >> well, a huge development here involving the oakland mrtd. a last-minute agreement that will keep the oakland police department it appears from being taken over by the federal government. >> you heard john there asking questions of the chief. he is going to have more on this developing news for us coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 which starts right here in just seconds
5:58 pm
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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with developing news in oakland where polic


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